We are currently in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. It is so beautiful here; the sceneries is so lush. Look into the sky and you will see beautiful blue skies speckled with a few bright white clouds. Thick, green grass begging to be laid upon, bright red Cardinals and Fireflies that twinkle in the night. (This is the first time I saw a Cardinal and Firefly in person.) Then we have beautiful Lake Lawtonka . This lake is great for swimming, boating, fishing, or just hanging out.

My amazing dogs (Piper & Boo Boo) took me for a walk and in the background you see Lake Lawtonka.

While visiting here we met some really fun people (Tammy and her Husband Verril, Larry and Nancy (Owners of a local beer and wine bar called The Bullpen and many others.) They helped make our experience unforgettable and we have had a wonderful time. Remember, a friend is someone who will sit down and share a meal with you.

Tammy cooked up some fried crappie caught by Verril using cornmeal and it was amazing. I am familiar with a flour batter, so the cornmeal was a nice treat. Along with the fish, she served a pea salad, and rice. The pea salad was also new to me since I am not a southerner (yet,) and it was delicious. I love meeting new people, and new friends while traveling. A lot of the time they are eager to give ideas on what to do while you are here and the best food/restaurants to try.

Beautiful blue skies and bright white clouds in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

Anywhere we travel, we like to try the local food and then replicate what we have eaten. A few foods Oklahoma is famous for include Chicken Fried Steak, Fried Okra, Fried Catfish, Biscuits with Sausage Gravy, Calf-fries and Cornbread. I have made everything, besides the Calf-fries and only because I couldn’t find any. Looks a lot like southern-comfort food to me and tastes comforting too.

Our time here spent with our new friends has been an amazing experience and we will definitely come back for a visit.

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