About me…

Hi, welcome to my site.  My name is Susie and my husband’s name is Brent/photographer. I love FOOD! As a little girl, I loved watching my grandmother move around her kitchen so freely.  She loved everything about cooking (mostly naughty dishes) especially when it brought everyone together.  I was blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life and was passed down her cooking passion. I love bringing the whole family together for a huge family dinner while we create magical memories. My husband recently retired and now we have taken a different route in life.

My husband and I love traveling and we decided to rent out our home. We bought a 5th wheel and now we travel across the USA, which gives me the opportunity to try new cuisines. Cooking in a 5th wheel is a little challenging, but who doesn’t like a challenge. Anyhow, I am known for trying different foods and then creating them on my own. I am excited to share these foods and experiences with you. Recently, I was diagnosed with Prediabetes and Osteoporosis and after doing a little research I learned that what you eat can have a huge impact on your health and how you feel.  That has changed my perspective on food. This blog is about learning to choose healthier options while still enjoying a tasty meal.  Oh and let’s not be silly…. We need some taboo food recipes to boot so Let’s go on an adventure.

Brent and Susie Sitting on a Bench… LOL